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Helping tech companies to understand how to
market their brands in Brazil

The purpose of this service is to offer an analysis of what a company will find while managing its entry process in the Brazilian market. It will also indicate potential parameters that allows its product to reach the target market.

All of this aligned with a pragmatic vision and a sharp focus on obtaining real results

Getting to Know the Market

It all begins with a Market Research that aims to answer the questions below:
  • Is the product or service available in Brazil?
  • What’s their origin? National or imported?
  • Are there any international brands already settled and operating in Brazil?
  • Does the country impose any barriers to entry?
  • Are there any regulatory issues that should be considered?
  • What are the import duties on your product?
  • Who are the main direct and indirect competitors?
  • What are the sales channels they are operating?
  • What is the market maturity stage in relation to the product or service?
  • Are there any market gaps to fill?
  • What is the ICP (ideal customer profile) identified?
  • What are your priorities right now?
  • How do they “solve the problem today”?
  • What are the “personas” involved in the purchase decision process?
  • Are the name brand and domains available for registration in Brazil?

Creating a Value Proposition

Based on market research, we help companies to identify a Value Proposition for their brand, focusing on their differentials.
At this moment it will be very important to define the positioning the brand will stand for:
  • Product or service positioned at a low price
  • A differentiated product that stands for quality
  • Exclusive or niche product

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