A hub for international innovative companies doing business in Brazil

These companies have specific needs and characteristics that impact their internationalization process. We are ready to help you.

Let's work!

We adopted the startup way model in our business, and together with practical knowledge, our value proposition is strenghtened.

We are locals

Building a successful business in Brazil requires the support of a local partner.

We just do it

We have supported foreign companies from different segments, to overcome legal, cultural, tax and operational barriers, in their process of entering the Brazilian market.

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Connecting different cultures is our deal

Our history of doing business with Latin and North American, European and Asian companies, allow us to easily build solid bridges among people from different cultures.

We are highly connected

The year 2014 marked the beginning of our relationship with tech-based companies in the Brazilian innovative ecosystem. Actually, we help tech companies as business partners, mentors or advisors.

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Our Team

We have an engaged and experienced team ready to take charge of all aspects of your entering into the Brazilian market

Our set of services

Get to know how we help tech companies to overcome international barriers.

Go to market consulting

Get to know how to market your product in Brazil

Legal advice

Specialized services for tech companies

Soft Landing

The support you need to settle you company in Brazil

Accounting services

Relieve your doubts about Brazilian labor and tax legislation

Want to bring your tech company to Brazil?

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